Claire is a brilliant teacher

“Claire is a brilliant teacher and has encouraged me to stick with, for which I am very grateful. Now at the end of this 8 week course I can honestly say I am different! I care more about myself and others and I hope I will continue to meditate and grow.”

I found the style

“I found the style of learning very sensitive to each person’s needs.”

I did a mindfulness course

“I did a mindfulness course with Claire earlier this year and I found it so helpful.  I can highly recommend her as a trainer. The group I was in was diverse and every individual found it beneficial.  Claire was great at holding boundaries, being kind, acknowledging everyone and the tools she passed on I found, … Read more

A course that resonates

“A course that resonates with my own values, but which have been pushed from my mind over the years. Simple, loving, honest, helpful-in a confusing world which bombards us from every direction. Claire, you are a lovely teacher. Thank you!”

Claire has taken me

“Claire has taken me on a journey of discovery and understanding with kind and gentle patience. I have learned so much about being mindful in daily life and I can’t imagine having found the practice so revealing without Claire’s guidance.”

Mindfulness has enabled me to feel grounded

“Mindfulness has enabled me to feel grounded and to appreciate the small things in life. It hasn’t changed my problems but has changed the way I deal with them…”