What people say about our courses

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“10/10.. .I think everyone should do this course! It really makes you question what life is all about and the choices you can make.”

“It is without doubt the best thing I have done in terms of improving and being able to maintain good mental health. I’m calmer and happier and more confident as a result and understand my mind much better than I did before.”

“Completely different and thought-provoking – useful for future stresses and life in general…”

“Claire’s teaching was excellent… delivered with just the right balance of humour and compassion.”

“I have realised it is possible to be mindful even in the midst of chaos… it has had a positive impact on my stress levels.”

“Mindfulness in daily life is giving me a fresh perspective on the way I think and feel.”

“I enjoyed your style of teaching and very calm approach.”

“I learnt how to deal with stressful times as they arise and how important it is to face difficulties in my life.”

“Mindfulness has enabled me to feel grounded and to appreciate the small things in life. It hasn’t changed my problems but has changed the way I deal with them…”

“Mindfulness has profoundly changed my life.”

“I wish I had done this course years ago.”

“Claire has taken me on a journey of discovery and understanding with kind and gentle patience. I have learned so much about being mindful in daily life and I can’t imagine having found the practice so revealing without Claire’s guidance.”

“A course that resonates with my own values, but which have been pushed from my mind over the years. Simple, loving, honest, helpful-in a confusing world which bombards us from every direction. Claire, you are a lovely teacher. Thank you!”

“I did a mindfulness course with Claire earlier this year and I found it so helpful.  I can highly recommend her as a trainer. The group I was in was diverse and every individual found it beneficial.  Claire was great at holding boundaries, being kind, acknowledging everyone and the tools she passed on I found, and still find, have been, super helpful in helping me take care of myself and manage the challenges that life sends my way.”

“I found the style of learning very sensitive to each person’s needs.”

“Claire is a brilliant teacher and has encouraged me to stick with, for which I am very grateful. Now at the end of this 8 week course I can honestly say I am different! I care more about myself and others and I hope I will continue to meditate and grow.”

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